We find opportunities where others see obstacles. Our strength lies in our ability to imagine, prepare, plan, collaborate and ultimately to assist our clients reach their goals and create a brighter, more prosperous future.

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Business Consulting and Legal Services

     The Legal Associates Of California is your complete legal resource, providing a wide range of business services, including real estate and leasing, contracts, labor law, government relations and corporate or partnership formation.

     Retaining an attorney affiliated with Legal Associates Of California is like adding a legal consultant to your corporate staff. We can identify problems before they arise and find opportunities to exploit in a fast paced business environment. Our experienced attorneys can also work with local, state and federal agencies and legislatures to give "voice" to those issues that may not be resolved through the judicial system.

     Further, in this litigious society your best insurance is retaining counsel to review your most important documents such as contracts, copyrights, leases and corporate or partnership arrangements as well as study your operations to insure that your firm is complying with labor, safety and health laws. We can also refer other technical professionals to assist you in achieving your goals.

     Legal Associates Of California can bring to bear its group of lawyers and professionals to help you create or maintain a thriving business.


    Contract Review
  • Review current and prospective contracts to insure that they comply with the law and provide your business with the greatest protection.
  • Draft effective employment contracts
    Government Relations
  • Facilitate government approvals for variances and construction permits
  • Advocate for changes in the law where appropriate for individuals or organizations.
    Corporate Formation
  • Prepare and submit all documents necessary to properly form the business entity best suited to your needs.
  • Advise on corporate formation matters and provide guidance on maintaining the corporate shield to protect your personal assets.
  • Advise and provide transaction legal services for mergers, acquisitions or other changes in your corporate or business entity.
    Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Prepare and submit proper documentation to protect your intellectual property to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  • Provide advice and counsel on maintaining your intellectual property rights in the United States and abroad.
    Real Estate, Leasing and Rentals
  • Prepare sales agreements and other formalities in property exchanges or sales.
  • Negotiate leases for office or retail space which protect your assets and your rights as a tenant or landlord.
  • Protect landlord property through evictions and unlawful detainer actions against tenants.
     To see how we can help you, please contact us through the Legal Associates Of California. Prior to your consultation, please take time to collect all your related documents.

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