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  Retaining professional legal services must be made with care. Of course you want competence and expertise, but you need to ensure that your lawyer listens to you very carefully. It's not enough to know the law. It's equally important that your lawyer take the time to fully understand your needs and objectives.

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Welcome to Legal Associates
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      We comprise a group of separate law offices who work together to provide a total and comprehensive approach to our clients' business, immigration and personal legal matters.

      Because our separate offices collaborate on many issues, you receive the benefit of a wide range of legal expertise, resulting in substantially greater value for the dollars you may spend on legal advice and representation.

      Today, business owners, families and new arrivals to this country may find the legal environment confusing and disorienting. Our network of experienced and accomplished attorneys will help you navigate through the legal maze and leave you free to focus on your personal and business goals.

      We can help you avoid costly mistakes which can delay or even ruin your plans or objectives. Your best insurance is retaining counsel to review your important documents, such as contracts, wills, trusts as well as help you form your business organization in a manner that best protects your assets.

      In this constantly changing legal environment, many people fail to realize that they haven't kept current on new legal requirements or recognized that changes in their personal and business circumstances mean confronting new legal issues. We can be a valuable asset in helping you stay prepared to handle new regulations, laws and business needs.

New to the United States?

      Immigration and Nationality Law is one of the most important areas of law we practice. Whether you want to hire foreign employees or seek entry into the United States for employment, education or family reasons, we can help you through the entire process as quickly as the law will allow. Our previous clients range from artists and business owners to persons seeking asylum from persecution in their native countries. We know how important these matters are and use every reasonable and ethical legal strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

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Marvin Gong
Law Office Of Marvin M. Gong
14416 Hamlin St., Suite 100
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Phone: 213-381-1011 or 1-818-267-8003
email: mg@harpergong.com

Geoffrey Mason Ely
Law Office Of Geoffrey Mason Ely
14416 Hamlin St., Suite 100
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Phone: 1-818-267-8003
email: gelylaw@gmail.com

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